Micro tattoos are a great choice because they can be placed virtually anywhere on your body. Whether you want to proudly display your ink or keep it more discreet, the versatility of small tattoos allows you to decide how and where you want them. Smaller tattoos provide you with more control compared to medium-sized or sleeve tattoos. Here are some areas to consider when deciding where to place your tattoos:

  1. Forearm and Wrist
  2. Collarbone and Ankle
  3. Shoulder
  4. Upper Back
  5. Lower Leg
  6. Behind the Ear
  7. Under the Chest

These areas offer the ideal canvas for smaller tattoos. Working with these spaces grants you more control and ensures your future tattoo plans remain undisturbed. It’s common knowledge that healthy skin is essential for tattoo longevity, and these areas generally boast excellent skin quality, reducing the risk of fading.


  1. Top and Bottom of Feet:

Tattooing the feet is a frequent request, but it can be challenging, especially for smaller designs. The constant movement and relatively rougher skin on the bottom and sides of the feet make tattoos in this area prone to quicker fading.

  1. Fingers and Hands:

Hand and finger tattoos pose similar challenges as foot tattoos. The constant movement of your fingers and hands, whether typing, lifting, or performing tasks that involve repetitive motion, accelerates tattoo fading. Finger tattoos may also be tricky to maintain intricate details, and some fading should be expected over time.

  1. Major Areas:

While small tattoos are, by definition, not large, they can present difficulties in wide open areas. If you plan to get more tattoos in the future, it may be challenging to accommodate smaller tattoos within these spaces. Consequently, consider how you’d like to use any remaining space wisely. Larger pieces are generally favored for central chest placements, making it less ideal for small designs.

Overall, small tattoos offer incredible flexibility in placement, but it’s essential to consider your lifestyle and long-term tattoo plans to make an informed decision about where to get your ink.

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